A New York Times writer reviewing a restaurant in Ridgewood, Queens has dubbed the area "Quooklyn." Which is ridiculous, because everyone knows it's already Ridgewick, located just east of Jefftown and Bedwick. Get it together, lamestream media.

Brokelyn spotted the new nomenclature today, lurking in a Times review of Houdini Kitchen Laboratory off the Halsey L stop. Quooklyn is not, in fact, a radioactive two-headed creature born out of Ridgewood's leftover nuclear waste. But unlike some of the more gentrifier-friendly nicknames that have wormed their way onto Google Maps, Quooklyn sounds like a horrible place: the writer describes it as a "desolate' scene, with "lonesome" streets located a 10-stop lifetime away from the safety of Manhattan.

A luxury two-bedroom off the Halsey L runs about $2450. Quooklyn4Lyfe.