The Statue of Liberty is going to take a year-long breather from tourists starting at the end of the month (though Liberty Island will remain open), so what better time to review some of the thousands of weapons that tourists try and bring there! 7,000 cans of pepper spray confiscated this year alone we understand (New York, we hear, is scary) but 5,300 knives? Really?

In the month of September alone, "visitors surrendered seven dangerous weapons, 61 cans of pepper spray and Mace, and 588 knives—an average of about 20 blades a day, according to Park Police statistics."

Visitors to Liberty Island, in case you've successfully avoided the tourist trap in the past few years, are now screened airport-style by the U.S. Park Police by the battery before heading onto a ferry (with a second check on the island). Last year 3.8 million people visited the landmarks and had 5,300 knives, 5,000 "miscellaneous weapons" (think screwdrivers), and nearly 7,000 cans of pepper spray. No wonder the plans to start doing security screening only on the island were scrapped!