Possums riding the subway are nothing new—it's not like marsupials can afford a Citi Bike membership. One such possum snuck his way into the Bryant Park subway station this morning, and people freaked out: "People were screaming, 'ah! it's a possum,'" a police officer at the scene told the Post. "People got scared. It was pretty big."

Cops first spotted the little guy near Sixth Avenue and 42nd Street walking down the subway stairs around 8:30 a.m. Once straphangers started climbing on seats and running for the stairs, the possum was understandably frozen in its tracks. Officers from the NYPD’s Emergency Services Unit were able to corner and lasso the possum into a cardboard box.

“They couldn’t exactly stop and frisk the possum,” a police source yukked to the Post. “We don’t get these calls everyday.” The possum was eventually released into Central Park, unless it was released somewhere on Wall Street, which might explain the Nasdaq trading halt today. Hey, if a squirrel could do it, then a possum could definitely do it too.