This is an awful way to go: A 76 year old woman visiting her buried relatives at a Queens cemetery was killed by her own car. How? Evangelina Vartholomeou left her 1991 Lincoln running at the Maple Grove Cemetery; some think that since it was parked on a hill, it gained momentum as it went down the hill (NY Times). And she may not have realized the car was even running. The car ended up pinning her to the ground, and it was only when an off-duty transit cop saw her that she was removed. The worst part is that Vartholomeou was 25 feet from her husband's grave (her mother, a nephew and a brother are also buried there).

Horrible, irony-filled tragedy: A 10 year-old shot himself in the head when he was playing with his father's gun; his father is an NYPD officer. The boy is on life support at Nassau University Medical Center.