2008_10_mealy.jpgIf the events of City Councilwoman Darlene Mealy's day on Thursday are any indication of what went into garnering the necessary votes in order to pass term limits legislation that same day, it doesn't paint a pretty picture. The Post reports that Mealy was so upset over changing her vote in favor of extending term limits due to pressure put on her that she vomited twice beforehand and got into a car accident on her way home from it. Mealy told another councilman that "people she considered to be political allies were threatening her" that actions would be taken against her for trying to sponsor a $25,000 grant for a Brooklyn block association run by her sister. Meanwhile New York 1 talked to people in Mealy's district who could not make sense of her about face. One constituent said, "I'm like, wow. I was like, she's on the right road, and then she just switched back I don't understand it."