2008_11_tlhl.jpgNY1 has a video stream of the term limits bill signing hearing (besides airing it on TV) and it's amazing--it's a November 3 Festivus airing of grievances! So far, regular citizens have testified alongside Representative Weiner, City Council members (Charles Barron is more ashamed of the members who voted than he is of the Mayor), and former Parks commissioner Henry Stern--many asking him not to sign the bill, but a few people support it. Animal's Bucky Turco is waiting to speak and says City Comptroller Bill Thompson is outside, waiting as well. Rachel Trachtenberg, 14, spoke and got applause (she pointed out how she waited 7 hours to speak at the City Council), but we were moved by the former nun who urged Mayor Bloomberg leave office and work with her for affordable housing. CityRoom has a liveblog.