The NY State Pavilion on the grounds of the old World's Fair site in Flushing may have just been landmarked, but the Tent of Tomorrow is on the verge of becoming extinct (after all, it was endangered years ago). The Daily News has an update on the area after Queens News obtained a 99-page report through the Freedom of Information Act... and the future isn't looking very bright.

The Tent of Tomorrow is described as "severely deteriorated" with only quick and expensive efforts that can save it. "Stabilizing or preserving the space-age structure would cost between $20.3 million and $29 million, according to the engineering firm Robert Silman Associates, which was hired by the city to conduct the study. Demolition of the Tent of Tomorrow, as the pavilion's elliptical centerpiece was known, would run $9.7 million." But why not just save all that money and do more studies until it falls down on its own? Yep, the city is conducting a second study before deciding how to proceed. And by that time, the park may be referred to as the "valley of ashes" again, a term F. Scott Fitzgerald used to describe it in The Great Gatsby.