As the gas shortage on the east coast has stretched on, tension has built among increasingly frustrated motorists, many of whom are still without power and public transportation.

On Staten Island, people have waited on line for as long as four hours to fill up on gas, often after spending many more hours searching for an open station. On Thursday, two people were arrested in separate incidents at gas stations: one man allegedly threatened to stab another man and injured a cop while waiting in line, while cops say another got into a fight while in line, and also resisted arrest when authorities intervened.

A motorist in Queens allegedly pulled a gun on another person after cutting a long line at a gas station on Thursday. In Brooklyn, drivers got out of their cars to argue with one another while in line at a Getty station earlier this week, and today the NYPD has been called to two gas stations in the borough to control crowds. "It's total mayhem," one Staten Island motorist told

To mitigate the gas situation, Gov. Chris Christie has instituted a gas rationing in 12 New Jersey counties, requiring vehicles with odd and even numbered license plates to fill up on fuel on alternate days. And it looks like we'll see relief soon: the US military will be delivering 12 million gallons of gas and diesel fuel to New Jersey that FEMA will distribute throughout the region this week.

Even more good news: Senator Chuck Schumer said in a press conference today that the Feds will be providing relief to gas stations with electricity and no gas, as well as generators for gas-stocked stations with no electricity, and very devastated areas in Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island will be able to pump 10 gallons of gas for free at emergency mobile fuel stations.