Home sweet home took on a new meaning for a Brooklyn woman when she discovered that her East Flatbush apartment was home to over 30,000 bees.

While Cherisse Mulzac and her son Stuart said they had noticed a few bees around their apartment this year, they finally called a beekeeper about the issue this week. When he showed up, the Post reports that he found an enormous colony of 35,000 bees living in the ceiling of the East 21st Street apartment.

The Mulzacs were at least able to get some 70 pounds of awesome all-natural honey out of the deal, which beekeeper Mickey Hegedus swears is better than anything you can get from commercial farms. That's more than the terrified office workers of Vox Media got out of their recent close encounter with the sting-y kind. Instead of honey, they just got a reported piece from The Verge about how and why bees were there. And you can't eat that.

Of course, even that is better than "aggressive" mosquitoes that were thirstier for blood than even your average Culiseta longiareolata that swarmed around LaGuardia Airport when construction on airport improvements began this year. Or should I say...beegan? No, wait, these are mosquitoes, sorry.