A Tennessee state representative with the friendly name Frank Niceley is upset that New York City takes its gun laws seriously. He's so upset, he's writing resolutions about it! In the wake of the incident involving a woman who brought her loaded gun to the 9/11 Memorial, Niceley has gone and introduced a resolution in his state that gently threatens New Yorkers driving there. But only gently!

In the resolution, which Niceley admits was kind of tongue-in-cheek ("You’ve got to inject a little humor to get attention," the Republican told the News), the representative writes, "Be it further resolved that we remind the citizens of New York, especially those residing in New York City, to drive carefully through the great State of Tennessee, paying extra attention to our speed limits."

The resolution would have no legal weight and is more meant to get the attention of lawmakers here. Niceley—like many, many others—is arguing that the city should go easy on the 9/11 memorial gun-toting Tennessean Meredith Graves, who has a permit to carry a gun in her home state but not in New York City. Niceley specifically asks for common sense here...something the Bloomberg administration did not take kindly to.

"We agree, everyone should use common sense—which is what prosecutors in New York do," Bloomberg spokesman Marc LaVorgna responded. "Common sense also includes checking gun laws before traveling—something even the NRA tells people to do."

If convicted of second-degree weapons possession Graves, 39, could face up to three years in prison.