In a heartening tale of karmic retribution that also somehow involves Trump son-in-law and anti-Semitism defender Jared Kushner, a woman who tried to evict a subletter about to undergo surgery for breast cancer will soon be evicted herself, after her landlords caught wind of her scheme.

The NY Post reports that Joy Keith­line, a retired teacher, had been subletting her $600/month East Village studio for $1,000/month since 2012, all along to the same tenant, 61-year-old Jeanne DiCarlo. Meanwhile, Keithline was living upstate, though she also owns properties in Staten Island and Florida, according to The Real Deal.

For years Keithline and DiCarlo had a seemingly benign tenant-subletter relationship—that is, until Keithline decided to mix things up this March by evicting DiCarlo on the very day the subletter was scheduled to undergo surgery for her breast cancer. DiCarlo suspects it was because Keithline was hoping for a buyout from Kushner Companies, the real estate company that's owned by Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner and that purchased Keithline's apartment building in 2013.

“It was horrible,” DiCarlo told the tabloid. “I had to cancel my surgeries.”

The eviction battle made it to court, and Keithline was reportedly ordered to pay DiCarlo $25,000 in overcharges. Still, DiCarlo was evicted because she didn't have a lease—that is, until Keithline's landlords caught wind of the situation, at which point they said they'd make sure the predatory tenant will be evicted, but that DiCarlo is able to remain in the unit.

"Ms. Keithline’s deplorable actions have no place in our building," a Kushner Companies spokesperson told the Post. "We are outraged that Ms. DiCarlo was being taken advantage of."

It's worth noting that the Post, which first reported this story, has endorsed Trump for president, so it's not clear how much of the tabloid's breaking of this story has to do with running damage control for its preferred candidate's son-in-law, who landed himself in hot water this week when he defended an anti-Semitic Trump tweet. But landlord stuff aside, there's a nice little life lesson here: when running a profitable-if-legally-questionable subletting scheme, maybe err on the side of not evicting your cancer-stricken subletter, lest you wind up blog fodder on a slow Saturday news day.