A Murray Hill resident facing eviction is threatening to file a class-action lawsuit against his landlord, who continues to complain about the "odor of marijuana" emanating from his apartment. Sebastian Rosario claims that he'll sue the owner of 340 E. 34th Street for harassment and threatening to kick him out. In court papers obtained by the Post, the landlord alleges that neighbors complain of "strong smoke odors, including the odor of marijuana" around Rosario's aparment. Wait, people smoke marijuana INSIDE their apartments?

The landlord claims that the scents could "possibly [be] as a result of illegal drug use." Possibly! Or Rosario is burning brownies or something. Either way, someone needs to show Rosario the magic that can be worked with a dryer sheet and a cardboard paper towel tube. Meanwhile, the guy down the hall who has been snorting cocaine since 4 p.m. on Thursday is whisper-quiet and 100% odorless.