A discontent tenant fatally stabbed his building super when he came to collect the rent on Friday. Super Shayne Sinclair was collecting overdue rent at a single room occupancy building on E. 51st Street in Flatlands when he was stabbed by the unidentified killer. "Somebody owed him some money and that's what he was trying to get. He left home to go look for a paycheck and he's dead now," a relative of Sinclair's told the News.

Sadly, Sinclair was planning to leave the city, with his wife and infant daughter, but was trying to make some more money—and the murder was only over a couple hundred dollars. "He would never harm a fly. He was a broken man. He wanted to get out of New York because of the economy," the relative said. The killer is still at large. Back in October, a Queens landlord was brutally beaten with a metal pipe and held hostage by her tenant because he was short on rent. Single room occupancy buildings have come under much scrutiny as well.