Despite a lawsuit from landlords and building owners, the NY Times reports, "New York City’s tenant antiharassment law, which gave renters the right to sue their landlords in Housing Court for using threats or other disruptive tactics to try to force them out, was upheld in a State Supreme Court ruling filed Wednesday." Tenants' groups said landlords in gentrifying neighborhoods would use harassment tactics to push tenants out, but landlords, in their lawsuit, claimed it was impossible for city inspectors to determine whether harassment occurred. And speaking of landlords, the city's New York City Housing Authority overcharged tenants—thanks to a computer error—and threatened them with eviction! The Legal Aid Society said of the city's oops, "This is a population that, if they’re evicted from the Housing Authority, will enter the shelter system. The Housing Authority should have systems in place to protect these families, rather than subjecting them to the risk of eviction and homelessness."