2006_1_scrape.jpgAfter peaking at 54 degrees Saturday afternoon the temperature more or less fell until after sunrise this morning. Yesterday's high temperature of 31 was achieved at midnight Saturday and our 16 degree minimum was at midnight last night. Combined with the wind and that we haven't had cold weather for a month it was a bit hard to take.

Although the next week is, on average, the coldest week of the year our cold spell is about over. Temperatures for the next week average only 31 degrees. Today will remain cold but tomorrow we'll once again be into the 40s. The forecast for tomorrow afternoon is very tricky. It should rain. Will it be a freezing rain, or will the warmer air get here soon enough to warm the ground? The Weather Service is gambling that the city will just get rain but northern suburbs may get the frozen stuff. Difficult forecasting remains through Wednesday which, at this point, looks like it will start warm (Weather Service says upper 40s, weather.com says 55!) and cool off midday. After Wednesday things calm down and we should be back to 5-10 degrees above average for several days.

Photo from AP/Adrian Keating