The Mayor and Department of Education are facing off against parents who are annoyed that they have to pay for their children's school toilet paper. The Mayor claims that school bathrooms are stocked, calling the worries "the perfect example of a tempest in a toilet bowl." But, according to the Daily News, some parents, who contribute $10-100 yearly to their children's schools, saw "toilet paper," as well as soap, tissues, and paper towels on the list of supplies needed; the DN also listed schools where there were TP shortages. But when the DoE opened closet doors, there was TP and paper towels. City Councilwoman Eva Moskowitz, who heads the City Council's Education Committee, will be speaking at a hearing called, "Paper Towels, Soap and Toilet Paper," and lucky for us, it's a public hearing. Moskowitz points out, "When you are in the private sector, you don't bring your own soap to the job." True, but sometimes we wish we did - that one-ply is pretty rough.

This reminds Gothamist of a story from the start of this year where many students admitted they "hold it" and don't go to the bathroom at school. Semi relatedly, the Mayor unveiled a solid waste management plan last week.