Sunset over Jersey City by Joe Schumacher on Flickr

First, everybody better like this photograph. Gothamist nearly froze our extremities off as we waited for the right moment by the Hudson yesterday afternoon. Anyway, the weather is going to be all over the place this week. Whatever you want warm, cold, sun, rain, snow or wind it will probably happen. Today is reserved for sun, cold and diminishing winds as a high pressure system fills in behind yesterday's wind blast. The afternoon high may not reach the freezing mark - the first time since last February.

This high is big enough that the cold air it is dragging down from Canada today will be more than matched by warm air from the southeast tomorrow and Wednesday. Expect a quick rebound into the lower 50s tomorrow and possibly near 60s, yes 60, on Wednesday.

Ah but there's a price to pay for the December warmth and we're going to pay in three installments. The first payment will come due tomorrow afternoon in the form of wind and rain. The second payment is on Wednesday when more intense showers, and winds the equal of yesterday, happen ahead of the next cold front. The third installment of the layaway plan should be on Wednesday night. The cold front is currently expected to pass after midnight. Following the front the temperature will drop like a rock. All the way down to to freezing mark by Thursday morning and it will probably keep dropping throughout the day. As the front arrives the rain is likely to mix with snow. Thursday's high will be back to the lower 40s.