It's the January thaw in December! Take a look at the wild ride the temperature has taken since Sunday. The low for Sunday and Monday occurred at the same time! Monday's high and yesterday's low occurred at the same time! Today's high and tomorrow's low... well, you get the picture. At least today's high should happen in mid-afternoon, which is the normal time.

While it is happening at the normal time, today's high will be abnormally high. The rollercoastering temperatures should peak in the mid 60s. After the mercury tops out this afternoon it is headed down down down. The bottom won't be reached until Friday morning. The Dow Jones like plummet follows the passage of a slow moving cold front.

There are gobs of rain associated with this front. Don't hang your laundry out to dry until Friday night at the earliest. The rain won't be too heavy today but tomorrow is going to be a cold, rainy mess. The high will only be in the upper 30s. Anywhere from 1-4 inches of rain could fall. If only it could be a few degrees colder, as that amount would translate into several feet of snow. As it is there might be the dreaded rain-snow mix on Friday. The sun should return on Saturday but it will only warm to the mid 30s.