The MTA officially announced that the L train will get "real time" information boards this July. While this is an exciting leap into the future (or recent past, as other subway stations around the world have been using this technology) for the MTA, could this be a way to make L train riders feel better, given all the crap they have to go through? The MTA is looking to bring the technology to 155 other stations - according to the Daily News, the numbered stations will get them (even the 7?) - by the end of 2007. Gothamist thinks that the message boards should also give people coping mechanisms when it says a rush hour train is coming in 5 minutes, as the platforms teems with more and more people. And a fun experiment we look forward to: Measuring the collective grans when the "real estimated arrival time" differs from the actual arrival times - get your digital/synchornizable watches ready.

The MTA was looking into real time technology for buses last year, as the current real time technology is stepping into the middle of the street and seeing if the bus is approaching.