Mayor Blooomberg

Mayor Bloomberg gave his thoughts on the East Village electrocution death yesterday, saying he was trying to get in touch with Con Ed Jean McGrath and that "It's just unacceptable that somebody can walk on a street and get electrocuted." [Con Ed responded, "We agree with him. One death is one too many. This is a tragic, unique event that has never happened before."] Then, Bloomberg knocked down the complaint that perhaps it's the chemical compound in the salt on the sidewalks and roads that might have been a better electrical conductor: "We have salt on the roads every winter." Finally, when ask what will be done to prevent another electrocution, Bloomberg said, "We'll have to see what we can do," after admitting, "I'm not an engineer." Good that he's owning up to that engineer thing, because Gothamist was about to ask him to rework the land surveys for the West Side Jets stadium.