Yesterday, a former Gambino associate told the court that the late John Gotti Sr. was unhappy his daughter's boyfriend beat her up. "We were instructed to go slaughter Carmine [Agnello]. Find him and slaughter him. Don't kill him," Peter Zuccaro, a self-proclaimed "career criminal," said. Agnello eventually married Victoria Gotti, in spite of being shot in the buttocks and beaten with ax handles by Zuccaro, accused mob hitman Charles Carneglia and Carneglia's brother. Zuccaro was testifying against Carneglia, who is on trial for five murders, including that of a court officer, and Newsday said Zuccaro's stories "seemed like a soap opera about Howard Beach." Zuccaro also drew the line somewhere, explaining why he didn't want to kill a man who lived across from St. Helen church, "Killing in front of a church was a despicable act. Many families went to that church in the neighborhood."