The wanton golf cart destruction that took place last spring at the Dyker Beach Golf Club in Brooklyn was one for the record books. More than 20 carts totaled in two separate incidents, and one guy who works at the pro shop tells the Post, the carts were found "upside down, crashed into trees, they were trying to tip them over—all over the golf course." One cart was set on fire, and others were piled up in a sand pit with broken axles, cracked roofs, and dented bodies. It sounds like a real rager, but yesterday two teens were hauled into court to pay for it.

As part of a settlement, the parents of Jose Hernandez, 16, have agreed to make $5,000 restitution, and he'll perform 20 days of community service. (Another boy, Kevin Melendez, also 16, pleaded not guilty.) Cops say that on the worst night of vandalism, the perps cut through a fence around the cart storage area and ran amok, causing more than $50,000 in damages. Hernandez's lawyer insists his client is an honor student who was part of a larger group of 20 kids. "But only he and one other kid got caught," attorney Joseph Giaramita tells the Daily News. And as part of a rite of passage, one day they'll look back on all this and realize they were fools for not ratting out their friends.