2007_11_bregg.gifHalloween tricks are never a good idea, no matter what side of the law you're on. A 14-year-old boy was throwing eggs at cars in Staten Island when two police officers decided to teach him a lesson. Police sources S.tell the Daily News that Officers Thomas Elliassen and Michael Danese picked up Rayshawn Moreno around 8:30PM, drove him to "a swampy area of the 122nd Precinct" and then "dropped him off wearing only boxer shorts and socks and left." Moreno had to walk to a Burlington Coat Factory, where a security guard called his parents.

Elliassen and Danese were arrested, placed on desk duty and had their guns taken away. They said they just wanted to "scare him" they drove back to find Moreno, but he was gone. The News has a photograph of Moreno meeting an Internal Affairs detective - IAB interviewed his mom. Moreno's father said that the teen was also beaten by the officers and noted that the cops were white, "There's still racism in the New York Police Department, especially in Staten Island."

And the Mount Vernon security guard, Neville Webb, who was shot in the head while trying to stop a group of youths from egging cars and people died at Jacobi Medical Center. Mount Vernon police commissioner David Chong said, "This poor security guard was just doing his job. It just seems to me that there is a culture out there that really doesn't value human life. Surely if it's stemming from the simplicity of Halloween and egg throwing and criminal mischief, it really has escalated into something quite more brutal than that."