2008_11_lucero.jpgYesterday, prosecutors said seven teens who attacked and stabbed Marcello Lucero (pictured) in Patchogue were specifically targeting Hispanics. ADA Nancy Clifford said, "In their own words, 'Let's go find some Mexicans to ---- up." Six of the teens were charged with gang assault as a hate crime, while one was charged with manslaughter as a hate crime and held without bail; they all pleaded not guilty. Newsday reports that Latino advocacy group Hispanics Across America may file a civil suit against the teens' parents, "Parents that teach their children hate are just as responsible as the kids who commit the crimes." And Lucero was remembered as a generous person who was excited about Barack Obama's presidential win; his brother said, "He saw it as a chance for people with brown skin to be seen as equals. Instead, my brother was killed because of his appearance." The NY Times has an editorial about Lucero's death, noting the anti-immigrant attitude encouraged by Republicans