A group of teens were caught on video assaulting an Uber driver in Brooklyn. "This is a deplorable incident and we will do everything we can to assist our valued driver-partner," Uber spokesman Matthew Wing told us. "We are currently investigating and stand ready to assist the NYPD in bringing these individuals to justice."

You can see the video below.

MTO SHOCK VIDEO: Brooklyn Teens SLAP THE SH*T Out Of An UBER DRIVER . . . When He REFUSES To Drive Them!!

Posted by Mediatakeout on Friday, June 26, 2015

According to the original uploader, the four teens in the video began slapping the driver when he refused to take them where they wanted to go. ABC says they took the driver and locked him into his own car in order to assault and taunt him.

Community activist Tony Herbert told them, "My brother is an Uber driver and I have great concern, they want to make money and take care of their families and are being set upon by these people that need to be in jail."

A police spokesman said they were looking into the incident, but no formal investigation had begun yet. The News adds that police are hoping the driver comes forward with any more information about the teens.