Over the past month, over 100 vehicles in the Long Island towns of Huntington, Lloyd Harbor and Cold Spring Harbor have been vandalized. But now Suffolk County police have arrested two suspects—18-year-old Cold Spring Harbor resident Jake Cassify and a 14-year-old accomplice. An officer told Newsday, "They were doing extensive damage... smashing windows out, denting the cars. They also have been damaging numerous mailboxes in the area."

On Saturday night, over two dozen cars were damaged. The pair were arrested the next morning after a cop spotted them in a vehicle matching the description of a vehicle seen near previous attacks. According to WCBS 2, "Both teens were charged with 12 counts of criminal mischief. Cassidy was also charged with soliciting the 14-year-old boy to commit a felony."

One man who was greeted by his car's shattered windows said, “This is just straight out violence. Kids like this someday may be serial killers.”