Almost immediately after Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his brother Tamerlan were identified by the FBI as the main suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing that left three people dead and hundreds injured, people started popping up on social media to stridently defend them and claim this has all been a conspiracy. The NY Post talked to some of the people embracing this #FreeJahar thing, and found that many of the defenders are teenage girls who think that Dzhokhar is just too cute to be guilty, because (SURPRISE) teenagers are dumb.

Alisha, an 18-year-old from Kansas, told them she was getting one of Jahar’s tweets ( “If you have the knowledge and the inspiration, all that’s left is to take action”) tattooed on her arm: “He was just this pothead 19-year-old boy who didn’t care,” she said. “I don’t see it.” Perhaps she didn't see the video evidence of the bombing; or the reports about the bomb materials that were in Dzhokhar's dorm room; or the account of the car jacking victim who said they bragged about their crimes; or Dzhokhar's own confession to police.

“Yes i like Justin Bieber and i like Jahar but that has nothing to do with why i support him. I know hes innocent, he is far too beautiful,” tweeted FreeJahar97, who identified herself on Twitter as “Gianna,” a 16-year-old with “big boobs." As Gawker pointed out, some of these kids—especially friend Troy Crossley, who seems to have sparked the "movement"—are aware of how they are perceived by the media, and try to distance themselves from being labelled "fangirls," despite the fact that that's exactly what they are. And Crossley, in particular, seems as interested in promoting himself and his music as anything else.

If you really feel like jumping down the rabbit hole, it runs pretty deep, and not just the Twitter hashtags and Facebook groups (that one has 6,500 followers now). Go here to see all the Tumblrs tagged "Free Jahar;" look here for Jahar fan fiction; and you can check two individual sites here and here, chockfull of dreamy photoshopped pictures and hopeless devotion. But if you want to save your clicks for something far more noble, check out this video of a pug watching the final scene of Homeward Bound!