When a group of intoxicated teenagers decided to pop in to 33-year-old bricklayer Scott Bruno's pad on Saturday night, he must have thought that showing off his 2nd floor Bensonhurst apartment (and possibly dealing them drugs) wasn't enough to impress the Wantagh teens. So police say that Bruno got out his gun and began firing off some shots at his wall as a "party trick." Then believing that he had removed the magazine from the pistol, Bruno aimed the gun at 17-year-old Philip Levy's head and pulled the trigger. Sadly it wasn't empty and Levy (pictured) would die soon after being shot. Bruno is now being held without bail on manslaughter and weapons charges; he has a prior conviction for a DUI in 2006. Levy's mother, who only knew her son was going out with friends Saturday, told Newsday that the MacArthur HS senior was a history buff and had "a passionate interest" in the 9/11 attacks. She said, "He was always cracking us up. He could have been in the theater." Bruno's legal aid attorney insisted in court today that the shooting was an accident and called it a "quirky" case.