A sixteen-year-old Queens boy has confessed to firing the the shots that killed thirteen-year-old Kevin Miller just after the end of the school day at nearby Campus Magnet High School. Nnonso Ekwegbalu of Laurelton was arrested on Saturday night and admitted to being the one to pull a gun and fire the two shots that left Miller dead and injured a 17-year-old employee of the car wash where the fight that sparked the gunshots was taking place. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told reporters yesterday that there was an arrest and that Ekwegbalu has "made statements" in regards to the Cambria Heights shooting. Reports did not mention if they found the orange shirt that Ekwegbalu was allegedly wearing that initially led them to arrest and quickly release a Campus Magnet football player soon after the shooting.

Family and friends of Miller continue to mourn the loss of the boy who had just begun high school and was using his extra allowance money to get some McDonald's. His mother told the Times, “He was Mr. Popular. So many people knew him and loved him.” Black Law Enforcement Alliance and residents of Cambria Heights are planning to come together this afternoon to call for an end to violence in the neighborhood. Mayor Bloomberg said of the shooting, "I don't know what we have to do to get people to understand guns shouldn't be in the hands of children."