Sixteen-year-old accused murderer John Katehis was simply a "goofy, impressionable teenager trying to be macho" says his lawyer. More information about the WABC radio newsman George Weber's murder case was made public at yesterday's arraignment, where Katehis pleaded not guilty. The teenager is claiming self-defense against Weber, whom he met off of Craigslist, trying to make an easy $60 off the man who billed himself as "smotherboy." Katehis says that he only remembers stabbing Weber once; cops say he stabbed him over fifty times. The Daily News reports that after stabbing Weber, "Katehis grabbed the $60 out of his pocket and pulled Weber's pants down. Then he rifled through drawers and 'lunchboxes' looking for more cash." Gay City News reports that because of the defendant's age, his lawyer plans to present the incident as sexual assault by Weber and their defense will be "related to homosexual panic defenses that attorneys have used for decades to win acquittals for their clients in attacks on gay men."