Teenagers: when they're not pretending to be mannequins or planking their cuff buddy or snapsexting their MySpace flashmobs on LiveJournal, they're filming themselves loitering on rooftops. One high profile participant in the sometimes fatal "urban explorer" scene is 18-year-old Justin Casquejo, who you may remember from his arrest in 2014 for climbing to the top of the under-construction WTC tower, or from his arrest for climbing on top of a water tower in Weehawken, NJ. According to his Instagram and YouTube profile, it appears that Casquejo's still got it, and by "it" we mean "death wish addiction to adrenaline and attention."

In 2014, Casquejo snuck past a sleeping guard at the 1 WTC site and managed to climb to the top of the tower for selfies. He was subsequently arrested, but avoided jail time—at sentencing, the judge reportedly told Casquejo, "The court is impressed by your sincerity and remorsefulness. It will now be up to you to prove the court right." As the teens often say, "L O L"?

Remember the old days when teens just set themselves on fire?