The 18-year-old NJ resident who sued her parents for kicking her out is now back in court. This time, it's her boyfriend.

Rachel Canning, whose parental drama played out in the media earlier this year, claims that Lucas Kitzmiller attacked her. Her father Sean Canning told the Daily Record that Kitzmiller put his hands around her neck on Sunday:

Canning, 18, and Kitzmiller were together in Mine Hill when he allegedly assaulted Rachel on the street. She fled in her vehicle -- while Kitzmiller allegedly tried to stop her -- and drove to Denville Police headquarters. She filed a domestic violence complaint against Kitzmiller and a temporary restraining order was issued by a municipal court judge based upon her allegations...Sean Canning said his daughter did not seek to file criminal charges against Kitzmiller but the underlying basis of the restraining order is an alleged criminal act.

Today, Judge James DeMarzo granted Rachel Canning the restraining order, but said both parties should "not to publicize the case” and suggested they "keep your business to yourself"—as in, don't post anything on social media.

Canning's relationship with Kitzmiller was one of the reasons why her parents "kicked her out": They felt she was partying, drinking and generally not following their rules while she contended her parents were controlling and abusive. They eventually reconciled and Canning dropped the lawsuit. Her father said, "She has repaired her relationship with us. She went off the deep end in the past but things are good now. We said to her 'Listen, you're an adult. You make your own choices.'"