Proving that you can't keep an upwardly mobile adolescent grounded no matter how much community service you make him do, the teenager who climbed to the top of WTC 1 earlier this year was arrested last week for allegedly attempting to climb up his hometown's water tower.

Justin Casquejo, 16, previously pleaded guilty to sneaking past WTC 1's disturbingly lax security, climbing up to the building's spire and snapping a photograph in March. He was sentenced to 23 days of community service and underwent two counseling sessions earlier this month, but it appears that hasn't softened his daredevil aspirations—he was arrested last Wednesday after he allegedly tried to climb Weehawken, NJ's historical water tower. Casquejo was charged with defiant trespassing and resisting arrest, having allegedly jumped a fence and made it to the 175-foot tower's brick base with two unidentified individuals before authorities caught up with him.

It's unclear what castigation Casquejo will receive this time around, but at least this time he hasn't exposed any massive high-profile security holes.