The 16-year-old girl implicated in the fatal stabbing of a man who allegedly tried to force himself upon her is scheduled to appear before a police line-up today, according to the Post. The lawyer representing high school sophomore Cyan Brown told the tabloid the teen is "very upset" but maintains she has "a legitimate defense" in the stabbing death of 29-year-old Thomas "Black Box" Winston, who reportedly confronted the teen on Christmas Eve alongside a group of five to seven other men near the 21st Street-Queensbridge F train station.

"Miss Brown surrendered as she said she would at the time we were asked to by the precinct," said her lawyer, Samuel Gregory, who told the paper he expected that his client would be charged, but he wasn't sure what the charge would be. "We think she’ll be exonerated at the end of this case." Brown's family has said that she stabbed Winston only because she feared she would be raped, but relatives of the deceased claim that the altercation began when a boy who was with Brown bumped into the Winston.