The Westchester suburb of Rye Brook is on alert after two coyote attacks last night—. According to the Journal News, "a coyote lunged toward a 14-year-old boy who was playing with other children" at 6:50 p.m., and later "lunged" at a 2-year-old. This morning, a trapper saw a coyote, but it's unclear if it's the same one: A police officer said, "We're onto some coyote. We have troopers out looking at him. It could be the one, but we don't have names on their collars."

In the first incident, the teen, who was not injured (though he did have a mark from where the coyote made contact), "struck [the animal] in the face and the coyote ran off into the woods." In the second, the todder's father was able to react: Grandfather Gary Zuckerman told WPIX that his granddaughter was sitting on a log outside the home, "The coyote approached from the rear. My son saw something out of his eye, and the coyote bit my granddaughter on the arm. [My son] grabbed her by the arm and the coyote grazed him on his back." The toddler wasn't injured, but did need tetanus and rabies shots; both she and her father were treated at a hospital. Zuckerman said the coyote seemed "mangy."

Rye Brook has been tracking coyotes after earlier attacks this summer. The town's website says, "The Rye Brook Police and Village Trapper responded that evening to both areas and are working together to locate and remove the coyote from Rye Brook. The Village of Rye Brook wants to remind people to not attract wildlife on to their property by leaving pet food or trash outside and small children and pets should not be outside unattended. The Village of Rye Brook has developed a comprehensive trapping program which includes trapping. In light of these incidents the village will continue with the initial trapping program which began on August 6, 2010. Any coyote sightings in Rye Brook should be reported to the Rye Brook Police at 914-937-1020."