It might sound like something out of the bath salt belt of America, but this particular face-biting happened right here in Manhattan: a teen has been arrested and accused of stealing a Starbucks customer's passport and wallet—and subsequently biting the victim in the face.

DNAInfo reports that Jamel Chandler, 18, approached a man in the Astor Place Starbucks around 7 p.m. on Nov. 29th, and asked him to sign a petition. While the victim was distracted doing so, Chandler allegedly swiped the victim's wallet, including his passport, credit cards and cash. Another customer spotted the ploy and told the victim, who confronted Chandler outside the store. The two fought, and Chandler allegedly bit the victim in the face, drawing blood.

Chandler wasn't arrested until Dec. 9th, at which point police say he had pulled the same trick nine more times at different Starbucks', coffee shops and sandwich places around the city. Chandler, who has 29 prior arrests, has been charged with robbery, identity theft, five counts of grand larceny and 10 counts of petit larceny. And this is yet another reminder never to sign any petitions (unless you're getting paid bank for it).