A teen girl is suing the city claiming that a rogue NYPD detective forced her into prostitution when she was 13-years-old. The teen, who is still a minor, and her mother have filed a $25 million lawsuit against the city, the NYPD, and Wayne Taylor, a former city narcotics detective who she says "bought" her and pimped her out.

In the suit, the girl alleges Taylor told her that she had been “sold” to him for $500—she was allegedly ordered to tell patrons she was 19, dance naked at parties, and charge up to $80 for sex. She says that if she didn't follow his directions, Taylor and his girlfriend threatened to either beat or arrest the girl. The girl was held in the home of Taylor and his girlfriend, Zelika Brown, in Jamaica, Queens between January 10 and January 27, 2008, until they "sold" her to another pimp on Long Island—she was able to escape from there, and contact the police with her story.

Taylor ended up pleading guilty to attempted kidnapping and served three-and-a-half years in prison before he was paroled in January. Despite the fact that the NYPD were aware of the fact Taylor was involved in illegal activities, the girl’s attorney, Robert Tolchin, said they nevertheless kept him on the streets. “How do you keep this guy on the job with a shield and a gun and assigned to the narcotics bureau when he has an unresolved petition for for promoting prostitution?” the Brooklyn attorney asked.

In 2008, Taylor spoke to the Daily News shortly before he was found guilty, and defended himself vigorously: "I am 100% innocent of all the charges and all that will come out in court. I guarantee you if I spoke my heart out and told you all the facts, you would walk out here with a totally different outlook."