2007_03_unionsqstabbing.jpgThe police are still trying to understand what happened during yesterday's morning stabbing of a 16-year-old student. Mark Tyrell, who attends Chelsea Career and Technical high, was stabbed repeatedly on East 14th Street after emerging from the Union Square subway station. Police believe the incident started on the subway platform when Tyrell ran into some people. When Tyrell was chased out, he was attacked outside a pizzeria, where an employee told the NY Times, "One of them grabbed a screwdriver or a nail or something and started hitting him."

Tyrell is currently in stable condition, and the police also say that he is a "known gang member." Apparently he had a previous dispute with some of the people - the Daily News says the attackers may have been the same people who threatened him with a machete a few months ago.

A Washington Irving student told the NY Sun that there are many gangs - the Crips, the Bloods, Dominicans Don't Play - "They all beefin', that's what I heard." Another student told the Sun that Tyrell had crossed DDP members. Tyrell's mother said Tyrell used to attend Washington Irving High School on Irving Place, but that she "fought like hell to get him out of that school because of the gangs and everything."

The police apprehended one 13-year-old student from Abraham Lincoln Junior high (he was cutting school) and charged him with weapons possession and gang assault. However, it's unclear whether he stabbed Tyrell and the police are looking for other the attackers.

Last fall, when a teen was stabbed during a melee between high school students, it was suspected members of the Bloods and Dominicans Don't Play were involved.