The 19-year-old son of the 63-year-old LaGuardia High School English teacher who was brutally beaten to death yesterday has been charged in her murder. Henry Wachtel suffers from seizures, and was reportedly having one when he started hitting her. Friends told NY1 that Kay was worried Wachtel was becoming angrier; neighbor Leigh Miller said she could hear them fighting often: "It's been a very volatile relationship since he was a young, young boy, and she would scream and yell and say terrible things. Furniture would be flying, and it was just a very sad situation."

Kay was heard screaming when she told the 911 operator her son was beating her yesterday around 9:30 a.m. in their apartment at 300 West 55th Street: “Help! Help! He’s attacking me! Help!” According to some sources, the victim had called 911 to ask for help with her son's seizure when the teen allegedly started attacking her. In the background, the operator could hear Wachtel loudly grunting. A neighbor said they heard the commotion too: “He was screaming, ‘I’m sorry mommy! I’m sorry mommy!’ over and over and over."

“The police took him in handcuffs. He kept apologizing to his mother the whole time - he kept saying, ‘I didn’t mean it,” neighbor Jonathan Cohen said the building’s doorman told him. “He was extremely upset, wailing and crying,” said another neighbor. “When they took Karyn out on a stretcher, she wasn’t moving and her face was covered up with cloth."

Miller also told DNAInfo: "It was a very unhealthy, dysfunctional mother and child relationship...I would go down and tell the doorman that they're really at it again. It doesn't surprise me that things spiraled out of control." You can see a promotional video for the short film “Our Time,” in which Wachtel portrays a young man named Derek who is making “the impending crossover into adulthood.”

Kay was a teacher at LaGauardia High School, a Pratt Institute visiting instructor, and she wrote the screenplay for the 1988 movie Call Me. One of her former students wrote the following entry on their blog about her:

Dear Ms. Kay,

I never got to tell you that I decided to minor in creative writing. That would have made you so happy. You inspired us so much with all of your stories. The way you would just write a word on the board and say “just write” and leave the room. When you would come back, we would have all written short stories, poems, and songs about the topic you chose. You never told us how to write. You just told us that we were good. That made me feel more confident about sharing my writing with the world-which is why tonight I will put up all of the poems I wrote for your class.

I will always remember you and your class. Thank you for all of your kind words, and always bringing a smile to my face. RIP Ms.Kay - you were truly an inspiration for all of us. You will be missed. <3 <3 <3