A 14 year old girl visiting NY to attend her great aunt's funeral was shot outside the funeral home in Bed-Stuy, as two other people were apparently in a fight. Clearly, no place is sacred. Reports say that Nikiyra Hayes had multiple entry and exit wounds, which are the result of at least one bullet hitting her. Hayes is in stable condition at Interfaith Medical Center, and when her relatives heard she would be okay, they decided to go on with the funeral; the suspect and his intended target were not found.

Hayes was born in Staten Island, but her mother told the NY Times that they moved to Georgia to get away from NYC's crime. A cousin, who moved from Staten Island to Houston, told the Daily News, "This is why I got out of New York. I know what Brooklyn's like. I don't need no Brooklyn like this." Well, no one needs a Brooklyn like this. Related: A recent NY magazine article about gentrifcation in Bedford-Stuyvesant and how the community was worried.