2007_01_polshooting.jpgEarly Sunday morning, an off-duty police officer tried to intervene in an altercation in Jackson Heights, Queens. Apparently, the off-duty lieutenant, Jose Jacome, a 16 year NYPD veteran who had picked up his girlfriend from her shift working at a bar, saw a man being beaten by two other men.

The NYPD says Jacome identified himself as a cop in both English and Spanish and then approached the scene. One of the attackers, 17 year old Edwin Guaman, "threw a beer bottle at the lieutenant and was trying to wrestle away his holstered 9-mm. pistol when the weapon went off," according to the Daily News. It's unclear who fired the shot - or if the gun went off accidentally.

Guaman tried to run from the scene, trying to get other cars' drivers to take him away, when the lieutenant had chased the the other attacker. Guaman was caught, arrested and taken to Elmhurst Hospital. The co-attacker was also caught and is being questioned. To top things off, the NY Times reports that there was some confusion because the man who had been attacked was "carrying someone else’s identification, to gain entry to a club earlier in the evening."