We all know that everyone loves getting boob jobs—breast augmentation operations have increased 40 percent in the past decade in America. But the stupid government won't allow people under 22 to express their god-given right to place silicone implants inside their bodies. One 19-year-old figured out a way around such trivialities: she scammed an Upper East Side plastic surgeon out of a $7,500 boob job.

According to the Post, the teen used a fake ID to fill out paperwork at Body Cosmetica on East 85th Street on April 12, 2012. She also used a bogus credit card to pay for the procedure, and disappeared into the night. It took the company over a year and a half to figure out they had been scammed because it took the credit card company that long to confirm it was a scam.

But the BREAST best part of all this is the quippy police sources who offered the Post these groaners: “The cops are working vigorously to get this huge bust,” said one cop. “I guess some people will do anything for bigger breasts. This lady really takes the cake,” another added—though that one would have been better had he said "This lady really takes the BOOB JOB," because that's exactly what she did, amirite?