A 16-year-old riding a Lime scooter was killed by a tow truck driver in Elizabeth, New Jersey on Wednesday night, officials said.

The teenage boy was struck as the driver was making a right turn off Elizabeth Avenue onto Spring Street at around 8 p.m., according to a statement released by city’s Mayor's Office. The victim, identified as Nelson Miranda Gomez, was pronounced dead shortly after. The driver was not arrested.

“This was a tragic accident and my thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of this young man,” said Mayor J. Christian Bollwage. “The City Council will discuss the parameters of its relationship with Lime.”

Gomez's death marks the first fatality on a shared electric scooter in the state of New Jersey.

Last month, Elizabeth became the third and largest city in New Jersey to welcome the scooter-sharing service, as part of a six month pilot program. A similar pilot program in Hoboken concluded on Wednesday, and city officials do not plan on renewing the contract. A separate pilot in Asbury Park is currently underway.

A spokesperson for Lime said the company had worked with the Elizabeth police department to educate riders on safety issues. Under the company's user agreement, riders below the age of 18 are prohibited from using the scooters, which require only a smart phone to unlock.

“We are absolutely devastated by this tragedy and our hearts go out to the victim’s family and friends during this incredibly difficult time," the spokesperson said. "We are in close contact with Elizabeth officials and stand ready to assist in any way we can.”

Earlier this year, lawmakers in Albany reached a deal to legalize electric bikes and scooters statewide, with the exception of Manhattan, which was deemed too dangerous for the services. Governor Andrew Cuomo has until the end of the year to sign the bill into law. While the governor has expressed safety concerns, his officer says he ultimately supports the legislation.