A Bronx cop shot a teenager in the face after the adolescent reached for a BB gun on Holland Avenue yesterday afternoon. A plainclothes narcotics detective fired on 15-year-old Marcus Bonner at around 5 pm, hitting the aspiring rapper in the cheek after he made a move for the authentic-looking gun. "He makes like he's putting his hands up to surrender," a police source told the Daily News. "It's a fake surrender and he reaches for his gun."

Cops were in the neighborhood for a buy-and-bust sting when they saw Bonner pull the weapon on a group of teens. The officers chased Bonner into the apartment building where he lives with his mother and sister when he reportedly reached for the pellet gun. Police sources told the tabloid that the eight-year NYPD veteran who shot Bonner was in the right: "It looks like a clean shoot."

But witnesses didn't think the shooting — which left Bonner in stable condition at Jacobi Medical Center — was so clear cut: "Rev had a BB gun and he pulled it. And they shot him. Rev was bleeding out of his mouth," said Jessica Rivera, 28, calling Marcus by his nickname. "Damn, they tried to take his head off." Bonner was charged with menacing and possession of an imitation pistol.