A Brooklyn teen killed another youth in a Mill Basin jet ski accident almost three years ago, then sped away without trying to help the victim, prosecuters argued in court yesterday. You may recall that Aristotle Plagianakos, who was 16 at the time, was arrested in connection with Paul Zaccaria's death in 2006. It took investigators a month to find Zaccaria's body in the water, and now Plagianakos is charged with manslaughter and trying to cover up the death by telling friends, "It wasn't us, if anybody asks."

Some witnesses say Plagianakos plowed his jet ski into Zaccaria, who was also 16 at the time, to get back at him for "fishtailing" and spraying other riders; the impact was so violent it ruptured Zaccaria's aorta and sent him flying 10 feet into the air. Plagianakos allegedly raced home and waited 15 minutes to tell his aunt what happened; when she called 911 he can be heard in the background saing, "Why the f- - - did this happen to me?"

In court yesterday, Plagianakos's lawyer told a different story, arguing that it was actually Zaccaria (the victim) who crashed into Plagianakos: "[Zaccaria] had the throttle open . . . he was blasting. Aristotle had the right of way. He was screaming [at Zaccaria] to stop." And the defense says Zaccaria was smoking pot before the accident, though the Daily News notes that the judge would not permit Plagianakos's lawyer to tell the jury that 15 glassine envelopes of marijuana were found hidden inside Zaccaria's jet ski.