The 15-year-old Bronx girl who was put in a medically-induced coma after taking a stray bullet to the skull has spoken for the first time since the incident, eight days ago. A source tells the Daily News that Vada Vasquez's first word was "Mom." Her condition has been upgraded to stable and a spokeswoman at Lincoln Hospital says, "She's improving. She's in stable condition and recognizes family members."

Police have charged five young men between the ages of 16-20 with attempted murder in connection to the shooting, which was directed at Tyrone Creighton, 19, who took a bullet to a lung but has been released from the hospital. Vasquez had been walking home from school when 16-year-old Carvett Gentles allegedly began shooting, accidentally hitting Vasquez.

Two of the men charged have since been moved to protective custody on Rikers Island, because they fear for their safety. A lawyer for Cleve Smith, the alleged ringleader, tells the Post, "He's faced a fair amount of abuse while in custody."