[UPDATE BELOW]: A 16-year-old girl from Greenwich, Conn. was killed yesterday while tubing in the Long Island Sound. Authorities say the teenager was run over by the motorboat which had been pulling her water-tube. Another 16-year-old girl suffered a serious leg injury.

According to officials, the unidentified 16-year-old went boating with three other teenaged girls at around 2 p.m. yesterday near Greenwich Point. Two of the teens were riding in the motorboat—one teen was driving—and the two other girls trailing behind them on a tube. Greenwich's harbor master, Ian Macmillan, told reporters that the girls in the tube were struck by the boat's propeller when the boat swung around to pick them up. "It was a horrible accident,” a law-enforcement source told the Post. “If more care was taken, it would never have happened.”

The two uninjured girls removed their friends from the water and brought them to the Old Greenwich Yacht Club. One 16-year-old was dead; the second was brought to Stamford Hospital, where she underwent surgery on her leg.

Gordon Thurber, whose daughter Sabrina was one of the teenagers in the boat, told the Times that he planned to take her to a trauma center. “Sabrina had to pull her friend’s dead body out of the water,” he told the paper. “This would’ve been tough for a combat soldier, you know? These are teenaged girls. I am just on my knees, thanking God, that she didn’t die."

All four girls are students at Greenwich High School. The school plans to hold counseling sessions for students when the academic year begins.

Update 1:24 p.m.:The Connecticut Post has identified the deceased teenager as Emily Fedorko, a rising junior, honor student and gymnast at Greenwich High School. Greenwich police confirmed her identity at a press conference earlier today. "It's a tragic sequence of events," Greenwich Police Lt. Kraig Gray told reporters. "The girls were out having a good time."

The injured teenager has been identified as Erica Vigliano, a close friend of Emily's. Authorities say she sustained a soft tissue injury to her leg and is "recovering well." Authorities also added that they have not confirmed whether the teenager driving the boat that ran over Emily had the necessary licensing to operate it, but they do not believe alcohol played a role in her death.