2008_04_bodegabklyn.JPGA Brooklyn teen was bludgeoned last night by a bodega owner who accused him of stealing from his East New York Ave. store. The 15-year-old, Bunkless Bovian, got into a confrontation that turned physical with Ahmed Solaf, the store's owner, after he was accused of shoplifting. As the two fought, Solaf picked up a hammer and struck the teen in the skull.

The teenager was transported to Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center where he remains in critical condition. Solaf was arrested by police and charged with felony assault. Munchies Bodega was apparently under partial construction Sunday night, which explains why a hammer was so handy as a weapon.

Bunkless Bovian's parents are arguing that their son was not trying to steal anything from Munchies, but was simply arguing with a friend in the store when confronted by Solaf. NY1 News spoke to several people in the neighborhood who said the incident was totally uncharacteristic of both individuals. Family members described Bunkless as a polite teen who was an unlikely suspect for shoplifting. Customers said that Solaf was a friendly and courteous shop owner.