2005_08_houstoncoed.jpgTwo 18 year-old women collapsed and later died while partying at an East Houston Street apartment. So far, it seems that Mellie Nicole Carballo and Maria Pesantez may have died of overdoses. The Daily News says the two men they were with were ex-cons (with drug offenses) who deny they had given the girls drugs. The NY Times says that the girls' families were "two immigrant families who had worked hard to give the girls private-school educations and solid middle-class upbringings." Apparently Carballo had told her mother that she was staying with a friend for the weekend. The Post reports the men said they had been drinking with the girls during the day but then they all passed out, and when the girls remained unconscious by Friday night, they called 911. The Medical Examiner's office will have results of toxicology tests in ten days.