A teen who went through a mistrial last year for the murder of WABC Radio newsman George Weber was found guilty yesterday. John Katehis, now 18, was found guilty of second-degree murder for stabbing Weber upwards of 50 times in March 2009 inside Weber’s Carroll Gardens apartment after responding to his sex ad on Craigslist. And according to the Post, Katehis broke into "a wide grin" after the verdict was announced.

Katehis had previously admitted to hooking up with Weber, a 47-year-old freelancer for ABC News Radio. Using the name "smotherboy," Weber has offered $60 on Craigslist for S&M play. Katehis also gave a matter-of-fact confession to killing him in sex play-gone-wrong: "The knife just goes and jabs him in the neck. We're fighting over the blade and it jabbed him in the neck," he had testified on videotape.

Katehis, who was 16 at the time of the incident, claimed it was self-defense—Weber had plied him with alcohol and cocaine, and Weber allegedly was the one who first took out the knife. The initial trial resulted in a hung jury last year, and was declared a mistrial—the judge actually called it a mistrial twice in a strange turn of events. Katehis now faces 25 years-to-life in prison, and will be sentenced on December 7th.